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First volunteer event of the semester:
If you are interested, please attend our general meeting or send me an email to sign up!

Saturday, October 16

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Event: Snail Lake Regional Park Restoration Event
Site: Shoreview, MN
Time: 8:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Field Volunteers Needed: 200
Supervisors Needed: 20

Map and Directions (pdf) 
Confirmation Letter (pdf)

Snail Lake Regional ParkDescription: Let’s keep our urban areas beautiful!  Snail Lake Regional Park is one of the important natural spaces in this highly developed area.  This park is home to oak woodlands, floating vegetative mats on Grass Lake, wetlands, and grasslands that provide habitat to an assortment of creatures including deer, fox, herons, egrets, and waterfowl.  These habitats are being invaded by invasive plants, and we need to stop them!  Volunteers are needed to haul brush such as buckthorn and other non-savanna tree species in order to restore overgrown woodlands to native oak savanna.  Oak savanna and prairie restoration are vital to ensure that our urban communities remain beautiful for many years to come.

This project is made possible by support from the Ramsey County Parks and the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.